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Dendia’s response to Cavusoglu: The position of the UN and the State Department has caused irritation in Turkey


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The recent positions of the UN and the State Department were invoked by Nikos Dendiasresponding from Niger to his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusogluwho claimed, beyond all sense of logic, that Greece is the one threatening Turkey.

Speaking to reporters after his meeting with his president Nigerthe Greek Foreign Minister said:

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“I am particularly happy today because I am in Niger, on the first visit of a Greek Minister to this country. I had the honor to be received by the President of the country, Mohamed Bazoumand soon after I will have extensive talks with my counterpart, Foreign Minister Hassoumi Massoudou.

We will sign two Agreements between our countries. Niger is of very great importance for the EU, for the security of the EU. It is a democratic country, which plays an extremely positive role in dealing with security and terrorism challenges in the wider region.

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Beyond that, it is a large producer of uranium, it is a country with which both the EU and Greece must have relations, accept the challenges and help maintain its security”.

To the question: “Mr. Minister, today we also had new provocative statements by your Turkish counterpart, Mr. Cavusoglu said that Greece has lost its mind and that Turkey will not allow anyone to trap it on its shores. Your comment”, Mr. Dendias replied:

“I understand the Turkish irritation, the latest position of the United Nations and also of the State Department regarding the Turkish-Libyan “memorandum” and its validity is obvious that it has created intense nervousness on the Turkish side.”

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