Tsipras raised his own election dilemma: Injustice and inequalities or justice everywhere

Tsipras raised his own election dilemma: Injustice and inequalities or justice everywhere

Speech of the leader of SYRIZA to the Political Secretariat of the party – The four points for the tactics ahead of the elections

His own dilemma of the election raised Alexis Tsipras speaking today at the meeting of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA-PS: “The dilemma is whether injustice and inequalities will continue to increase everywhere, or whether justice will finally return everywhere”, said Mr. Tsipras who launched an attack on prime minister on all current affairs.

“I don’t know if it smells like elections, like Mr. Mitsotakisbut I know that the policies of his government smell very strong and very bad”, the president of SYRIZA said and explained: “The violent redistribution of wealth and income from the weak and the middle to the powerful, the looting of public wealth with billions directly assignments and closed competitions, the carelessness towards democracy with the wretchedness of illegal surveillance, emanate such a stench that no one can stand it”.

After noting that “we cannot know when the elections will be held to get rid of this stench”, he added that “there are certain things that we can know and based on these we can organize our tactics for fighting and winning the elections”. :

– Firstly, that the vast majority of Greek society suffocates. Purchasing power is constantly decreasing, income is distributed in the first 15 days of the month. And this situation does not only concern the lowest income strata, the workers and low pensioners, but also small and medium enterprises.

– Secondly, that the corruption of the government is enormous. Anyone who walks and talks with ordinary people in the market, in the workplaces, understands this.

– Third, that the wiretapping has left an indelible mark on the government. Those who underestimate the impact of the so-called identity issues, those concerning the rule of law and the defense of democracy, are wrong. A recent example is their influence on the US mid-term elections with the unexpected participation of young people who mobilized to protect the rule of law, rights and democracy.

– Fourthly, that Mr. Mitsotakis is now a factor of political instability, as the only possibility to form a government after the elections and not be led to repeated electoral contests, is the victory of SYRIZA and the formation of a progressive government.

Mr. Tsipras appeared confident that “the election battle will be won by SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, with a realistic program that will improve the everyday life of the large social majority” and added: “Because political change will not be based only on the deconstruction of of the Mitsotakis government but also in our alternative plan”.

Developing his own “political philosophy”, he said: “Against the unjust policy of Mitsotakis, there is a completely different political philosophy of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance and not simply a better management of the situation. A massive redistribution of wealth is taking place right now from the weak and middle classes to the few and powerful. With the obscenity that is not imported at all, but native to Mitsotakis. With the absence of controls, with the high indirect taxes on food and fuel, with the tolerance of excess profits and sky-high profits in energy and fuel, now also in the banks. Every single bank has made 1 billion in excess profits over the last year from ever-increasing lending rates, while deposit rates remain low.”

In closing, he announced that “in the next period and before the Christmas holidays, we will have to approve the main core of the SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance ballots, as well as the pre-election program”.

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