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Confrontation between Pipilis and Anagnostopoulos in the Parliament


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Confrontation between Fotini Pipilis and Sia Anagnostopoulos in the Parliament – The dialogue between the two women

Confrontation between her Fotini Pipili and Sia Anagnostopoulou it arose at an unsuspected time during the meeting of the Educational Affairs Committee of the Parliament where a bill of the Ministry of Culture for the modernization of the museum policy is being discussed.

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The incident took place while the SYRIZA member of parliament was on the floor and protested, claiming that Mrs. Pipili from the benches makes grimaces and gestures during her placement, distracting her attention.

The remark caused the ND MP to explode, resulting in the following dialogue:

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Anagnostopoulou Co.: I would ask you, Mrs. Pipili, not to comment

Bright Pacifier: No comments

S. Anagnostopoulou: I see you

F. Pipili: No, Mr. President, they will not create this kind of climate forever. I chat quietly and take notes as I am obliged to

S. Anagnostopoulou: You keep making excuses for the minister

P. Skouroliakos: I saw you too. You exchange grimaces with the minister. Grimaces of disapproval

F. Pipili: You sit down

Skouroliakos: Do not speak to me in the plural as I speak to you

F. Pipili: Watch your aggression carefully. We have arguments… I am listening to your speech and taking notes as I am obliged to

S. Anagnostopoulou: I listened to your speaker with religious reverence. I keep watching and noticing the meanings that distract me. What else can I tell you? Don’t pull it. You know I am noble. It’s over

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