Rain on the Turkish reports about Greece’s decision to buy 38 weaponized missile systems SPIKE-NLOS from Israel.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbulthe Turks continue to monitor and analyze Greece’s armament programs, with the country’s media analyzing Greece’s market, even calling it a “dangerous step”.

Specifically, Türkiye reports: “Greece’s dangerous step with the purchase of SPIKE missile systems”, while Yeni Safak writes: “Greece buys SPIKE-NLOS from Israel”.

Hagia Sophia at the center of Erdogan’s election campaign

At the same time, he continues to talk about Hagia Sophia Tayyip Erdogan during his election campaign. In an interview with Turkish media yesterday, he attacked Aksener and Karamolaoglou who have criticized him for converting it from a museum to a mosque.

“Ms. Meral (Aksener) said that we cannot open Hagia Sophia as a mosque. I imagine Mrs. Meral saw the presidential decree and my signature. We opened it, yes we opened it!

Karamolaoglou says that part of Hagia Sophia could become a museum. You who heard or saw the testament of Mohammed the Conqueror referring to Hagia Sophia as a museum. In which book did you read that?’

Launch of a cruise missile by the Turkish drone

Also, the Turks present Ankara’s new plans to build a fleet of unmanned armed vessels in the Aegean and Southern Mediterranean, showing a video of a Turkish unmanned vessel firing a cruise missile.