By Antonis Anzoletou

Mobility in the “Leftist apartment building” anyway existed in view of the elections. After Tempi the initiatives intensified and some parties entered into processes in order to see if there are scopes for cooperation.

The possibility that the anti-systemic vote will rise, the fact that the SYRIZA doesn’t seem to be gaining from the protest that exists so far, but the undecideds are the three factors that cause optimism in smaller formations. The non-parliamentary parties in 2019, mainly of left-wing ideology. were approaching a percentage of approximately 3.7%. The strongest non-parliamentary party was Zoi Konstantopoulou’s Freedom Sailing with 1.47%.

The only cooperation that was successful was that of MeRA25 and LAE. The result was the birth of a joint ballot called “MeRA25 – Alliance for Breakup”.

Today, the Central Committee of the new scheme will be convened for the first time with the aim of organizationally, politically and communicatively coordinating the pre-election ballot campaign.

Yanis Varoufakis is the leader and Dimitris Stratoulis and Marianna Tsichli are the secretaries, coming from the LAE which was renewed and already held its conference after the departure of Panagiotis Lafazanis. Many of the executives who formed the People’s Unity in August 2015 will participate, such as Nadia Valavani, Kostas Isychos, etc.

The invitation that the alliance has addressed to KKE and ANTARSYA remains open. It is clear that all the Left forces place great emphasis on the youth, where the percentages they show are the highest. Characteristically, MeRA25, according to the exit polls, in the 2019 elections reached 6% behind SYRIZA and New Democracy, which were preferred by 36.8% and 30.6% respectively.

More dynamically than ever, the KKE has entered the pre-election period, showing that it wants to “break away” from the 5%-6% percentage that has been moving in recent years. The head of the campaign, as is natural, has been assumed by Dimitris Koutsoubas who has taken a series of initiatives. First with his tours and meetings with the world of work, but also with more innovative appearances such as his appearance on Luben Tv, as well as on a Life Style show last weekend.

Perissos remains on the hard line of criticizing the capitalist system of power, but at the same time appears more communicative and approachable to the world. The secretary’s presence in the recent demonstrations in Paris was also discussed very positively, showing that the KKE follows current events. As Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Alexis Tsipras did, the Communist Party also has an account on TikTok with the hashtag #ΟΛΑ_ΚΚΕ.

KNE’s videos once again arouse interest. The “lonely” electoral course of the KKE is considered a given with Dimitris Koutsoubas speaking recently to “KATHIMERINI TIS KIRIAKIS” to exclude any possibility of participating in government schemes or giving a vote of tolerance.

“It turned out how deceptive it was what some people said, that the KKE could propose 4-5 points as conditions to show tolerance to such a government. Government policy is not about 5 areas of daily life and people’s life, but everything from punctuality and wages to railways and foreign policy. Can you imagine that the KKE was part of the government that “dismembered” and sold out the OSE and said “I have nothing to do with it, I’m here for 5 issues?”, he said characteristically.

As for Zoe Konstantopoulou, the leader of “Pleusis Eleftherias”, she declares that she will continue her independent campaign towards the polls. Long before the MeRA25-LAE alliance was made official, he spoke of “a harbinger of cooperation with SYRIZA” stressing that “Freedom Sailing will never coexist in an operation of new deception of the Greek people and the Left people who did not legitimize SYRIZA in 2015 and Today, they are actively looking for hope in honest and true politics and not in electoral promises”.

Her campaign focuses on the “6Ds”: Democracy, Justice, Transparency, Rights, Debt Cancellation, Claiming German Debts. In the contacts made by Ms. Konstantopoulou, she focuses on positive proposals and initiatives for education, health, the environment, social rights, etc.