“Here from Heraklion we give a message of victory for PASOK. On May 21, PASOK’s sun rises again. Let’s be the big surprise of the ballot box on Sunday” said Nikos Androulakis from his hometown during his last speech shortly before the elections.

“The new era finds us more united than ever and no matter how hard we are hit, we will get stronger because we have learned our lessons and we have the goal of overturning the relationships and the conflict with the established ones,” he said and emphasized that ” there is no PASOK crutch, Mr. Mitsotakis, but PASOK is strong, but to send you home as well as Mr. Tsipras.”

He began his last speech before the elections by bringing memories of the speeches he has attended in Eleftherias Square.

“In this square in 1985, I first heard our founder, Andreas Papandreou as a child. Here in 1993 I listened to the late George Gennimata” and he continued saying that “I come to this square and thank you because the flag of PASOK is proudly raised again, the sun of optimism, the sun of social justice and our national dignity”.

At the start of his speech, the thousands of supporters of Nikos Androulakis shouted the well-known slogan “PASOK is here united, strong” while applauding him.

Andreas Papandreou and Golden Dawn votes

Mr. Androulakis again referred to Andreas Papandreou saying: “Here from Heraklion I want to tell our political opponents that there are no title deeds to the historic legacy of the democratic faction.

What are those doing who want to spoil the historical and social legacy of the Party founded by El. Venizelos and re-founded by Andreas Papandreou. They have the audacity to catch Andreas Papandreou”, while he also combined the issue with the votes of Golden Dawn: “Let’s take the example of Neo-Nazism and Golden Dawn. What did they do for Golden Dawn? One was looking at the opinion polls, Mr. Mitsotakis. As long as Golden Dawn was below 3% it was useful for his self-reliance and let Kasidiaris prepare from prison.

What did Mr. Tsipras do for Golden Dawn. The unscrupulous Mr. Tsipras yesterday called for the misguided voters of A.A. to vote for him. You know, this place has always had a patriotic feeling that’s why the Golden Dawn never grew in Crete. From this proud place we send a message to Mr. Tsipras. That, when he invites the dregs of the Junta’s apologists, he must take his responsibilities… Papandreou would never ask the dregs of the Junta to vote for PASOK, he would not say that there are no borders at sea. I invite every leftist to come to our party, to their real home.”

The interceptions

Nikos Androulakis could not mention both the wiretapping issue and how the ND and SYRIZA view justice.

“Who respected justice. Mr. Tsipras acquitted a SYRIZA executive and said that justice is working well. When the opposite happened, he went to court with his sidekick.

Mitsotakis I am a victim of wiretapping and he is covering for his nephew. What justice are we talking about?

Shall we go to the tragedy of Tempe? There was a finding saying who was responsible from 2014 to the present. What was this finding? Minister Mr. Karamanlis locked it in his drawer and it is today on the ND ballots.


Why has SYRIZA stopped talking about this finding? Because he also reveals his own responsibilities with the seven extensions in the project.

We respect justice, the human being and we have a vision for Greece to become a normal European country and not for our state to be a tool of power for the occupant of Maximos”, stressed Mr. Androulakis.

The “sponsors” of Mr. Mitsotakis

At the same time, Mr. Androulakis also referred to what Alexis Tsipras mentioned about the sponsors of Mr. Mitsotakis.

“Mr. Tsipras is the truly golden sponsor of Mr. Mitsotakis. Mr. Tsipras said that Mr. Varoufakis is the sponsor for the Dimitra plans because he terrifies the center. And I ask, he who says about Prespes of the Aegean, that the sea has no borders does not terrify the center. When Mr. Katrougalos reveals that the middle class is being hit again, who are they helping the people or the ND?”

Openness to young people and education

Nikos Androulakis also spoke about the goals and the program of PASOK/KINAL for young people.

He spoke about the support of young people in terms of the reduction of salaried work taxation, the reduction of insurance contributions in relation to work and the cost of living.

He also spoke about the issue of education, saying that there will be an end to the one exam, stressing that there will be a two-year exam process that is more objective.