A fierce attack against the official opposition leader is launched, through his post on social media, by Akis Schertsos.

On the occasion of the confrontation over the price of feta cheese and olive oil, the Minister of State blames him Stefanos Kasselakis that, in addition to being irrelevant, he is additionally “ruthless and insolent, and therefore dangerous.” And the party he leads, SYRIZA, is becoming “the tail of the Greek Solution and its leader in mockery and fake news”, claims the Minister of State.

In detail, his post is as follows: “When you are caught – as it is commonly called – literally “with the goat on your back” telling outright lies, like the worst old-fashioned liar, you have two options: either admit it and directly apologize or at least shut up and bow your head. You do not answer with too much audacity and with new lies.

Kasselakis’ repeated spoofing of oil and feta prices (where he first compared disparate products and then disparate prices and packaging) shows something worse than indifference. It shows that he is ruthless and brazen. And therefore dangerous.

And it’s really a shame o SYRIZA to become her tail Greek Solution and its leader in mockery and fake news.

We know the ideological impasse of the official opposition. But such a lack of ideas, arguments and proposals that it resorts to the practices and ideas of Velopoulos, causes despair.

We, at least, as a government are willing to apply without blinkers any logical and feasible solution, which can be proposed by the opposition, to deal with complex problems such as that of accuracy. And that’s what we do.

But the last thing we need is such an unarmed and dangerous opposition. We paid dearly for it in the last decade and it comes back even more defiantly as if it has learned none of the hard lessons of the crisis.

It is human to want to forget and leave behind the painful years of crisis. However, we must never forget the reasons that led us to it and contributed to its extension. And this is a very serious reason to get angry and get up from our couch two Sundays from today, so that we don’t allow these “weeds” to grow again in our garden”, Schertsou’s post concludes.