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Opinion – Walter Casagrande Jr.: We need more people like Beckham out there


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In a country that is used to all kinds of wallets, like Brazil, it draws a lot of attention when someone known and admired worldwide refuses to cut a line, for example.

Here it is common to hear phrases like: “Do you know who you’re talking to?”, “Do you know who I am?”, “Who are you to stop me?”.

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And those classics of boastful and arrogant ballers? “Did you eat orange with who?” “Played where?” “Have you arrived and you already want to sit at the window?”

Finally, the imposition of those who hold a superior position or believe that, because they are famous, they deserve privileges is a bad custom that we have in Brazilian society.

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In these cases, there is always an attempt to disqualify the other. And, when they come across people who do their job well, they try to demoralize that person in front of others, causing embarrassment and shame in those who are honoring their duty.

Well then: there in England, David Beckham showed a lot of civility and respect for people, refusing the proposal of a component of the British government to cut the line and say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II.

He stood in that queue for 12 hours, like all the people who passed by there.

Deserve to be praised? Yea!

Because, in the selfish world we live in today, the normal thing would be to accept the offer to give a wallet.

In this case, he would not even need to play this role, because he was invited by someone from the government itself to take advantage of the “ordinary” citizen.

It should be common to respect people regardless of social class, gender, skin color, etc.

Beckham has open doors anywhere in the world.

He could get there, go straight through the line, say goodbye to the queen and leave in a short time, but he decided to suffer like everyone else who was waiting.

He must have thought that it wouldn’t be fair to someone who had been waiting his turn for hours and that it would be very ugly to take advantage for being who he is.

Perhaps this example will help people to respect others a little more.

I have already witnessed several situations of this type, mainly in queues to board at airports.

I’ve seen wallets with shouting, insults, racism. I have always found this type of behavior very ugly, realizing that the person who acts in this way does not feel embarrassed at any moment, for being sure that he is superior and deserves to have privileges.

It was a beautiful behavior by Sir David Beckham, who waited his turn and showed great sensitivity. And not only for that, but also for getting emotional and crying in front of his queen.

I think that world society is in need of more examples of this type and of people with the visibility of David Beckham, of whom I have always been a fan, a condition that increased a lot in England’s last game in the 2002 World Cup Qualifiers, against Greece, in Old Trafford.

The English team only needed a draw, but they were trailing 2-1, when, in stoppage time, a foul came out almost 30 meters from the goal. It would be the last chance of the game.

Beckham took the ball, took responsibility and put the ball in the drawer, qualifying his selection for the Cup.

From now on, I respect the citizen, ex-player, David Beckham, much more.

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