“Football” in Alexandreio for Olympiakos with… dance by Isaiah Kanan!


He left “caught”, but a winner from Alexandria o Olympic!

With obvious signs of fatigue from the “eternal” derby, the Piraeus players found… courage from the amazing Isaiah Canaan and they won 81-72 him Marsin the premiere of this year’s Basket League.

THE George Bartzokas he did not already have them at his disposal Fall, McKissick and Brazdekiswhile they left the match with problems Williams-Goss and Shikma.

Excellent game from Kanan, who was top for the “red and whites” with 25 points and 7/10 three-pointers. Good performance from him too Alec Peters with 15p., while 14p. and added 9 rebounds Nikola Milutinov. The fatigue of the players of Barzokas was shown by the 19 errors that did.

From Mars, he stood out Vasilis Toliopoulos with 16 points, with Robert Bloombergs to mark 14p.

The match

Aris starts with De Souza, Bloombergs, Carr, Galinat and Bohorides, while Olympiakos Milutinov, Peters, Papanikolaou, Kanan and Walkap. A better start from the “red and whites” in the match, with Peters and Milutinov leading them to a double score (5-10), in the 5th minute. The “yellows” responded with Blomberg’s three-pointers and got closer to the point (11-12). However, in the following minutes, the Piraeus controlled the game through their defense and Papanikolaou and Walkap for +7 (16-23), with Toliopoulos shaping the 18-23 of the first period.

With the basket and foul by Peters, Olympiacos entered the second quarter, for +8 (18-26). Afterwards, repeated mistakes by the “red and whites” followed with Galinat finding a rhythm in the attack and pushing Aris to individual scores of 11-1, for the lead (29-27), he kept it until 15′. Kanan with a three-pointer broke the… pomegranate for Piraeus (29-30), but with the return of Blombergs and Bohorides, the “yellows” reacted for the reversal and +4 (36-32), at 17′. In the remaining minutes, the pace of the match picked up, as Kanan put Piraeus ahead with his own run (36-37), with Toliopoulos responding and sending Kastritis’ team to the locker room with the lead (41-40).

With Kanan continuing his… violin at the start of the second half, Olympiacos regained the lead (45-48). Then, the “red and whites” tightened up a lot in defense and with Peters entering the… equation, they escaped to +9 (49-58), in the 27th minute. Aris tried to respond with Toliopoulos, but Kanan started shooting again outside 6.75m. for +11 (53-64), with 1/2 shots from Gallinat to make the third period 54-64.

Through its defense and offensive rebounds, Olympiacos maintained its double-digit distance (59-70) at the beginning of the fourth quarter, with Larentzakis maintaining +11 (62-73), until the 35th minute. There, Bartzokas players looked very tired with Toliopoulos and Bohorides making a 7-0 run (69-73), until the 37th minute. A difficult basket by Walkup “unstuck” the Piraeus, who regained control and steadily maintained their distance, reaching victory with the final 72-81.

The quarters: 18-23, 41-40, 54-64, 72-81

See here the match statistics

Watch the film of the match here

Source: Sport Fm

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