NBA scandal: Referee calls Rockets-Knicks non-existent foul, then admits mistake


The Rockets beat the Knicks 105-103 but an uproar was caused by a refereeing decision that decided the game.

On the final possession and with the score tied at 103-103, Aaron Holliday threw the ball away to beat the clock, but wrongly fouled Jalen Brunson and Houston’s 2/3 shooting guard gave his team the win.

The refs just looked to see if the foul was in or out of time and didn’t see that there was an incorrect whistle causing the people on the New York team to erupt. After the match, however, head referee Ed Malloy admitted he was wrong saying “… we shouldn’t have called a foul”.

Brunson commented after the match “… nice whistle! Next question“, while the coach of the Knicks, Tom Thibodeau, avoided criticizing what happened, simply saying “… it’s tough to lose like that. Watch the phase, what can I say…».

Source: Sport Fm

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