Battle of the titans: Microsoft added AI program ChatGPT to Bing, Google responds

Battle of the titans: Microsoft added AI program ChatGPT to Bing, Google responds

ChatGPT: Something similar will be done with the Windows Edge browser, but also with the services that Microsoft provides in the “cloud”, as well as with other services

“Battle of the Titans” in search engines. Microsoft has introduced an improved version of its own Bing search engine, which incorporates ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence capabilities. He even announced that Bing will incorporate OpenAI technology (the so-called “Prometheus” model) that is even more sophisticated than that of ChatGPT.

The American giant has invested billions of dollars in the also American company OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, and is now starting to exploit the relevant “smart” technology of the so-called creative artificial intelligence, which can give ready-made answers in text form. This is yet another major challenge for Google, a leader in search engines worldwide for many years, as the appearance of ChatGPT has now sparked a new competition of “giants”.

Characteristically, the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella stated that “the race starts today” as his company finally sees a window of opportunity to challenge Google in a field where search engines will offer more than they do today – primarily “human” answers to user queries. After years in Google’s shadow, at least in search engines and browsers, the creator of Windows hopes to have the upper hand again.

Nadella stated that thanks to creative and interactive artificial intelligence the nature of online searches – and not only – is going to change (as ChatGPT’s experience showed) and estimated that “this technology will transform almost every category of software we know”.

The “smarter” Bing will no longer only provide referrals to websites, but more detailed and clear answers, having compiled content from various online sources. Users will also be able to chat with her to better clarify what they want to know. The new Bing will be available immediately for desktop computers, but with a limited number of searches for each user, while on mobile devices, such as smartphones, it will begin to be available after a few weeks.

At the same time, Microsoft Teams will now offer the ability to integrate ChatGPT, while something similar will be done with the program Windows Edge navigation, but also with the services that Microsoft provides in the “cloud”, as well as in its other services, according to the BBC and the Reuters agency.

Google’s answer

However, Google is getting ready to pick up the gauntlet and has already announced the artificial intelligence chatbot Bard as a response to ChatGPT and now Bing. It is expected to make its appearance in a few weeks, after its tests are completed. At the same time, its search engine will also incorporate more “intelligent” technology. For Google, it’s a matter of life and death in terms of its future, as Microsoft looks determined to dominate the AI ​​field this time around.


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