Authorities have faced “unexpected” findings in their search for the suspect in the Clapham chemical attack in Britain, as their search for the suspect’s body led to the discovery of two other bodies in the River Thames.

As the police report, during the manhunt launched for the suspect, they found two “unexpected” bodies in the River Thames while searching for his body there.

Marine police teams are searching for Abdul Ezedi – who is accused of throwing strong acid on his ex-partner and her daughters, aged three and eight, in an area around Chelsea Bridge.

Authorities believe he “went into the water” a few hours after the January 31 attack.

None of the men found have been identified as the suspect. One body was found at 10.13am on Saturday morning near HMS Belfast and the other at 10.39am in Limehouse, the Metropolitan Police said.

Both deaths are being treated as “unexpected pending further enquiries” while the bodies were “not found as a direct result of the operation”.

Police believe Ezedi is dead after cameras showed him leaning over the railings at Chelsea Bridge on the night of the attack.

On Friday, Commander Jon Savell admitted that Ezedi’s body may never be found because of the speed of the current in the Thames.