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Zodiac signs today, Friday November 11, 2022


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Some betrayal, small or big you will experience my friends and you will be hurt, because you did not expect it. But don’t let it get you down… By relying on your intuition you will manage to find a way out of the strange situations that happen around you and concern you directly or indirectly.

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A new business proposal or job opportunity might come today! The planetary conjunctions are favorable and you should not dismiss it before considering the individual parameters… Your spontaneity and honesty in the way you express your opinion can cause problems with those around you. Better to censor yourself to avoid unexpected reactions.

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You are quite stubborn and stubbornly avoid innovations. Preferably you would like to handle situations the good old fashioned way you are used to, but circumstances have changed and you will have to adapt. Let the day guide you, because any attempt to impose your own rhythms or plans will be futile. Relax and enjoy…


Today you decide to deal with some outstanding issues that have been bothering you for the last time. But be sure to be careful in your handling and aware of the smallest detail of the affairs. A relationship of yours, currently superficial, may be showing signs of a more serious turn. Check the situation and don’t let go, because you might find yourself in front of some surprises…


The tension and arguments that will exist in the family environment will upset you and fill you with anxiety. On a romantic level, express yourself freely and communicate with the person you are interested in and feel no inhibitions. Passion, romance and strong love await you!


Your need for success and reward will be satisfied today. But do not neglect to enjoy what you already have and in no case do not take them for granted in your life. Don’t let jealousy ruin your relationship. Avoid tensions and arguments with your partner. Drops can be final…


You will have a lot of energy today and you will be able to finish all those things that were left in the middle due to lack of time or mood. Take care of your personal space, possibly by changing the decor, as even small changes can refresh you.


Your influence on your professional environment is strong. Your opinions will be valued and heard and you will be greatly stimulated. But you seem realistic in the goals you set. You want to finish your affairs at the moment, but now that something new is starting, you should move carefully so as not to make mistakes that you will find in front of you


Anyone who plays with fire may get burned at some point! After all, you should have learned this lesson already. Don’t do anything that will disappoint or hurt your partner. Focus on your career goals. Show love and devotion to your partner. He needs you and you neglect him


Business is difficult for you, but you know how to win over others! Take advantage of the talents and believe in yourself and soon you will see your efforts rewarded. On a social level, it would not be bad to extend a helping hand today to people who need material or moral support. Everyone around you will need you today…


The day is fertile for new ideas that over time will form the basis on which you will build the future of your professional recovery. Late at night try not to displease any of your relatives. Avoid misunderstandings and gently express your feelings to your partner.


You have various obligations and a heavy schedule, but all you really want is to relax and stay home. And a day of relaxation doesn’t hurt… Invest in your spontaneity and you’ll feel better again. There is also joy in life that you should rediscover…

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