An announcement was issued by the Headquarters of the Hellenic Socialist Party of Athens regarding the incidents that took place earlier in Syntagma Square in Athens, during the rally and protest march held by approximately 10,000 people at the initiative of various unions, organizations and collectives for the train accident in Tempi.

According to ELAS, a group of over 200 people who were in and around the gathering and then the march, threw marbles, stones and Molotov cocktails at the police forces.

These people, as noted by the Police, while they were at the end of the march, namely on Panepistimi Street, they continued the attacks against the police causing at the same time damage to buildings and vehicles.

“The police forces, in order to repel the attacks, made limited use of the necessary appropriate means and I proceededn in 6 arrests of persons, of which 5 were arrested” states the ELAS Headquarters in the announcement.

Finally, as noted by ELAS, from the above attacks 7 police officers were injured, who were transferred to the 401 General Military Hospital of Athens.

At this time there is calm. People remain in Syntagma Square.